J. Daniel, Sexton; fifty guineas were plus voted in order to St

Late. 24th.-The new dairy regarding John Seas, Esq., away from Ormesby, had been damaged toward and sixteen pints of butter, fourteen cheeses, a weight goose, and you will a quantity of animal meat and you will flour stolen.

It appears of the claim that he’s instead a day place on females, or any a style of ped having hotels room, you to a sizeable p

Highest flocks regarding “Stormy Petrels” had went along to the beaches, and you may between six and you may eight dozen of them pulled real time; several “Little Auks” and you will “Cold Gulls” got been already decide to try.

p. sixteen Dec. 29th.-A poor guy labeled as “Do you know your” is insulted, of the a guy take a nightcap over his face, as well as the same time informing him which he involved is “burked,” and this plenty “alarmed the indegent creature, he was brought to his household inside the an excellent desponding state.”


We are authorized to state that the new Statement of the hearing on the end in, inside our last week’s paper, was completely wrong, Lord Tenterden with seen there is no ground for a keen connection, given that activities got acted bona fide; that the team of your Organization must be done, and you may led that the signal is expanded, to give the fresh Defendants a chance of using this method. Brand new The advice towards Defendants said these were happy to proceed, but could not force the brand new Mayor to name an installation, or the Preferred Councilmen to satisfy,-whereupon his Lordship, to your action out of Defendants’ Counsel, led a good mandamus getting issued with the filling up most of the openings, and then transacting additional requisite organization; and you will abreast of an income being made to the newest Writ, brand new Code might be released.

Feb. 16th-A general conference of your people is actually suggested becoming held to take into consideration brand new expediency off erecting a different Workhouse, “it searching from the a study of select Vestry today blogged, that present you’re slightly inadequate towards mission, both as to the quantity and you can plan, so that as are thoroughly incapable of affording room regarding classification that’s essential into moral update and you can employment of the inmates, in order to the coziness of aged and you can infirm. It’s now regarding fifty decades as the any area is actually extra so you’re able to they. The rise off inhabitants regarding the town, rather than less so from pauperism in that several months, need enlarged rooms. 17 level of the latest inmates is compelled to bed around three when you look at the a bed. It’s meant to go-ahead agreeably to your recommendations of one’s 59th Geo. III. cap several, and you will very first and you will second away from William IV. limit. 42.”

April 5th.-This new conference out of a beneficial Recorder was observed the following:-“Within a business Installation, held towards the Tuesday past, the new a lot of time-contested question of ‘whom would be to fill work away from Recorder toward borough?’ (vacant of the resignation away from Robert Alderson, Esq.,) is e till the Judge was brand new acknowledging of this gentleman’s resignation, following Isaac Preston, Sen., Esq., suggested the latest Sub-Steward (We. Preston, Esq.,) so you can complete the vacant place of work; it was seconded from the C. Symonds, Esq. Roentgen. Cory, Esq., then proposed Mr. Sergeant Merewether; it nomination try seconded by the Samuel Paget, Esq. Into the a ballot being recommended, the newest number was indeed discovered to be equal, viz., 20 to own Merewether and also the same matter to have Preston. There have been 41 people in one’s body establish, among which declined voting. A second vote are proposed and you can acceded to, while the exact same effects adopted. The latest Deputy-Mayor (exactly who presided for the consequence of the extreme ill-health of Mayor) then said that he would allow the people in this new Courtroom the chance of a third ballot, on wife Brest what brand new gentleman before-mentioned chosen to possess Merewether, which provided the latest learned Sergeant a majority of that, the fresh new wide variety getting to possess Merewether 21, to own Preston 20. Ergo keeps ended that it enough time agitated matter, the merchandise off far squabbling, aye, and of much legal actions too. Lord Viscount Exmouth is actually unanimously chose Lord Higher Steward; Isaac Preston, Jun., Esq., and you will J. Baker, Esq., was basically chose Aldermen; and you can Messrs. J. Elizabeth. Lacon, Elizabeth. H. L. Preston, Henry Costerton and you can Samuel Jay, Well-known Councilmen. At this Judge, Mr. J. Seaman received the fresh new appointment away from Parish Clerk, and you will Mr. Mary’s Chapel, Southtown; ?15 per year offered in order to Mrs. Snap (widow of your own late hallway-keeper), and you can ?several annuity paid on the Mrs. Absolon (widow of your later Parish Clerk.) It actually was additionally bought that the usual payment away from 20s. abreast of apprentices’ indentures shall be taken off. It’s just to state that the entire providers out of the day was conducted about extremely amicable way possible, and that ideal a state of mind and gentlemanly effect is actually showed during the conversation toward pending Recordership.”

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