Of numerous Bemba guys began their marriages from the first entertaining younger girls beneath the age puberty

The students girl is not consulted with after all. The new girl visits their https://getbride.org/no/dominikanske-kvinner/ particular upcoming husband’s household, sometimes by yourself, usually that have nearest and dearest following the marriage rate was negotiated. On her earliest trip to their household she didn’t cam in order to your otherwise enter into their domestic versus brief gift suggestions getting given in order to him. She’d next communicate with him and you will carry out loads of housework having your. She’d would just what she consider try best for their coming spouse. This era regarding courtship are known as ukwisha. During this period, she try accountable for brand new mans day-after-day restaurants. This new groom needed to make his or her own household about town where he was way of living, or perhaps in the new community out-of their mothers-in-legislation.

Marriage Plans

Into the Namwanga, this new mans mothers arrange for a beneficial Katawa Mpango. This is exactly a highly known individual symbolizing this new groom’s welfare. The groom’s members of the family will get ready and you will ily. The brand new girl, just after getting this new Insalamu, requires it so you can their particular grandmother. Here is the certified method their unique friends try informed.

Their grandma informs their own mothers while the loved ones. They often undertake otherwise deny brand new proposal. Long lasting ily so you can means all of them because of new Katawa Mpango. When he visits, the guy typically will need a manufactured hoe, wrapped in material which have a control. New hoe is actually an icon to the planet, for cultivation, for fertilization. He deal light beads and you will small amount of currency. The latest beans and money are placed into the a little dish secure which have a special brief bowl of equal size.

The go-anywhere between need to know our house of the girl’s mommy. Typically, the guy hits with the doorway that will be greet in the. Considerably the guy falls into the his as well as claps their give. This will be to point towards the girls relationship committee that he is on a married relationship objective. Then he towns the fresh hoe and plates on to the ground midway between your relationship committee and themselves. Then he teaches you their mission and that is requested of many inquiries by new girl’s family members. If the zero ily, the fresh hoe are taken back, beads and money try pulled by the girl’s friends. If a decision from rejection are achieved you to big date, this new hoe are pulled straight back. When they undertake, the fresh plates try exposed additionally the hoe are accepted while the girl recognizes she understands the source.

The newest go-between records to the mans loved ones. In case the response is self-confident, your family actually starts to prepare yourself matrimony money and you may a wedding council is actually instituted to look toward points. The latest go-between productivity into a designated go out to possess home elevators the wedding payments. When he output, unique dinners are prepared to possess their second excursion because of the mans relatives.

During the pre-colonial months, the wedding commission incorporated cows (five or higher), birds and you can good cow (in the event the girl was a good virgin). It fee visited the caretaker during the adore to possess pregnancy with the girl. Other costs was needed now – good chitenge material, material shoes and you can a gown – 2 bedding, a pair of sneakers and you can a healthy to the father.

Pygmie Matrimony Life

The Lamba otherwise Lima mommy become the process of trying to find good girl having their unique young man so you can get married. She’d identify an initiated girl identified in your community just like the ichisungu or moye. (An inexperienced girl wasn’t to own wedding up to she reached adolescence or initiation ages.) The caretaker of your man decided to go to nearby villages looking for the right single started girl. When she discover one to – you to whom was of an excellent members of the family according to her judgments, perhaps not the fresh son’s, she would look at the mother of one’s girl and you will share with their particular you to definitely she wished their young man so you’re able to wed their unique daughter. The mother create following talk about it together with her child, new man’s mommy perform return home and you can get back several days after to possess a reply.

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