Of many Bemba dudes began the marriages from the basic entertaining younger girls beneath the chronilogical age of puberty

The students girl is not consulted with after all. This new girl goes to their upcoming husband’s domestic, often by yourself, frequently with friends after the matrimony rate is actually discussed. On the first stop by at their house she don’t chat so you can your otherwise go into his home instead of quick gifts are provided in order to him. She would then consult with him and carry out many cleaning to have your. She’d would what she imagine are good for her upcoming partner. This era out-of courtship was known as ukwisha. During this time, she is accountable for the newest man’s daily dinner. The latest bridegroom needed to create his or her own home regarding community in which he had been life style, or in the new village out of their parents-in-law.

Wedding Agreements

Inside Namwanga, new mans mothers plan for an excellent Katawa Mpango. This might be a highly recognized person symbolizing the fresh groom’s passion. The latest groom’s family relations will get in a position and ily. New girl, immediately after finding the Insalamu, takes they in order to her granny. This is the official way their unique family members was told.

Their granny informs their own mothers and also the family unit members. It both accept or refute the latest proposition. Regardless of the ily to method them because of the newest Katawa Mpango. As he check outs, he usually will take a made hoe, covered with content that have a manage. The newest hoe try a symbol to your planet, for cultivation, to possess fertilization. He sells light beans and you may few money. This new beans and money are placed into the a small dish secured with a unique quick plate of equal proportions.

The fresh new wade-between must know our home of the girl’s mother. Generally, he knocks towards the door that will be acceptance from inside the. Considerably the guy drops on the their as well as claps his hands. This is to indicate on the kissbrides.com nettsteder girls matrimony committee which he is found on a wedding purpose. Then he places this new hoe and you can plates on to the ground midway within matrimony panel and you may themselves. Then demonstrates to you their goal that will be asked of many concerns because of the new girl’s household members. In the event the zero ily, the latest hoe are pulled straight back, beans and money try taken by the girl’s loved ones. In the event the a choice regarding getting rejected are attained you to definitely day, the newest hoe try drawn right back. Once they undertake, new plates are established and hoe try accepted once the girl acknowledges she knows the reason.

The brand new wade-between reports towards man’s relatives. When your answer is positive, your family starts to get ready matrimony repayments and a married relationship council try instituted to look towards the things. The newest go-between production with the a selected date to possess home elevators the wedding payments. When he efficiency, amazing dinners are set getting their 2nd trip by the man’s nearest and dearest.

Into the pre-colonial months, the wedding percentage integrated cattle (four or even more), birds and you will an excellent cow (if for example the girl try a good virgin). This payment went along to mom in the appreciation to have pregnancy on girl. Most other repayments was required at this time – good chitenge material, material shoes and you can a clothes – 2 blankets, a pair of sneakers and you can a match into father.

Pygmie Matrimony Traditions

The Lamba otherwise Lima mom started the procedure of wanting an effective girl having their unique young buck in order to wed. She would look for an initiated girl understood in your town as the ichisungu otherwise moye. (An inexperienced girl was not to possess relationship up to she achieved puberty otherwise initiation ages.) The mother of one’s man went to nearby communities choosing the proper solitary started girl. Whenever she located one to – you to who are out of an effective nearest and dearest based on her judgments, perhaps not the latest son’s, she’d visit the mommy of one’s girl and you will share with their own you to definitely she desired their young man to help you wed their child. Mom create upcoming speak about that it along with her child, brand new man’s mother perform go home and you will come back a few months after getting a reply.

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