The truth that Lourdes cannot understand Pilar’s relationship with ways is yet another biggest strain on its relationship

“Color try my very own vocabulary, I desired to share with your. Translations just confuse they, dilute they, such as terminology heading from Foreign language to help you English. We jealousy my mother their own Spanish curses both. They make my English failure from inside the a stack.” (pg. 59)

Felicia provides an incredibly intimate, and yet unhealthy connection with their college students

Pilar and you may Lourdes try far from personal. Pilar provides a diary, and that she need to cover up in the lining off her winter coat. Pilar’s journal would Service de rencontres pour femmes IndonГ©sien be considered to be an echo of pseudo-log you to Celia features, in writing emails so you can their unique previous companion. Pilar and Celia are particularly similar, and their parallels arise more and more because book goes to your. This is often one more reason as to why Lourdes and you will Pilar are continuously butting minds. Lourdes’s connection with Celia is complicated. Whenever Celia gave delivery to Lourdes, she is cited because handing the child in order to Jorge and you can stating “I won’t remember their name” (pg 43). Lourdes understands so it story, and in an easy method explains why she clings in order to their own dad and you will rejects their mom.

Eventually Lourdes finds out Pilar’s record and you can finds out that their daughter has begun touching herself throughout the bath, a frequent move to make during adolescence. Even in the event Lourdes demonstrably provides an issue with sex one to their daughter is aware of, she berates their for this, hitting her and you may getting in touch with their own a slut. Indeed there is apparently a steady competition anywhere between Pilar and you will Lourdes; Lourdes discomfort to be rid of Cuba, when you find yourself Pilar desires to return that’s convinced that she’s going to see by herself in the event the this woman is reunited with her granny truth be told there.

That it passing besides makes reference to Pilar’s reference to their own ways, but it addittionally describes her tumultuous connection with her mom, Cuba, together with Foreign language vocabulary

Pilar uses their particular decorate to communicate with individuals, it is within this typical one she seems the essential such as for instance herself, where she seems she will be the best understood. Lourdes are bored with just what Pilar produces. She cannot see the abstract characteristics of their particular paintings. A vicious loop is established, just like the Pilar does not can talk to their particular mom, and Lourdes doesn’t know how to correspond with their particular daughter. A love ranging from a parent and you can child was usually understood due to the fact being certainly expertise and you will mercy. It include effect secure, otherwise a sense of that belong. Surprisingly, Pilar cannot become this having Lourdes, and you will Lourdes does not end up being so it with Celia. Which raises another theme which is omnipresent when you look at the Thinking into the Cuban, practical question out-of family and you can that belong.

Eventually, you’ve got the reputation out-of Felicia, and her three children: Ivantino, along with her twins Luz and you may Milagro. She dotes towards Ivanito, which can be isolated about twins. Luz and you may Milagro features memory of their dad you to definitely Ivanito does perhaps not share. Having Ivanito, his dad quit your in addition to other countries in the relatives, however he does not understand this or exactly how. Luz and Milagro think of its mother form your on fire you to time and you can exiling your using their family. Felicia would-be considered to be many unstable of your del Pino family, struggling with what is apparently manic depression. She’s got extreme downs and ups; she has moments as an enjoying mom, handling their own pupils. This will be overshadowed by the their particular minutes away from madness, and an event where she attempts to destroy by herself and you will Ivanito.

Whenever Ivanito is sent to school, he expands a desire for training the languages, particularly Russian, and get some English. The guy increases a relationship together with his Russian teacher, hence much like the that with his mom, can be regarded as improper from the vision away from his class mates and you can his college. His professor is actually fundamentally sent out, for explanations one are nevertheless unclear, but it’s advised so it comes from that have unconventional relationship along with his youngsters.

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