New depending is to range from the bottom rung and you will end towards the this new topmost rung

16) Among Tagalogs off South Luzon, the amount of brand new stair-strategies is vital and ought to become counted into the several threes titled oro, plata and you may mata otherwise gold, gold and dying, correspondingly. In case your topmost rung coincides that have oro or plata, it can focus good. In the event that, not, these rung coincides having mata, it does give misfortune. 17) For these surviving in tangible homes, a vintage coin must be imprinted on the cemented home in order to be certain that a steady flow of money. 18) It is essential that a house confronts eastern where the sunshine increases to make sure success. Alternatively, a house one face western the spot where the sunrays kits is an effective jinx and will give bad luck. It superstition try lent on the Ancient Chinese. 19) Doorways is to the right region of the household plus the steps should look to the legal right to continue a wedded partners dedicated to one another for a lifetime. Doorways erected on remaining section of the home and you can stairways that look to new leftover usually remind infidelity. 20) Gates shouldn’t be based facing both for this portends those funds will come in effortlessly however, may also rush aside quickly. Since the a stopgap scale, doors are going to be based synchronous in order to structure to ensure that money typing the house will remain in your house and become saved. 21) Septic tanks must not be created more than a floor having it could request a compromise within the peoples existence. Neither would be to septic tanks and you will lavatories be established nearby the kitchen because do contaminate your meal inside the a psychic feel and will bring sickness towards family. 22) The property owner have to move into this new home perhaps not afterwards than simply half dozen in the morning inside the the fresh moon to attract a great luck and success, plus the very first issues that should be produced inside the house was sodium, rice and you will gold coins. ^*^

At exactly the same time, a good female’s favorite food throughout conception usually change the actual properties off their unique youngster

23) No an element of the domestic will be defense otherwise hang-over the newest stump out-of a newly cut tree. None is to another type of family convergence people portion of an old household. 24) A-two-tale strengthening which is renovated towards just one story tend to reduce this new existence of their occupants. 25) A serpent you to enters our house brings best wishes as long as it does not bite some of the occupants. This is exactly most likely in accordance with the practice of Filipinos within the Spanish colonial minutes to save pythons regarding partition within rooftop in addition to ceiling to reduce the brand new rat inhabitants our house. 26) While # 7 and 11 provide all the best, matter thirteen has never been made use of once the a message matter or even the amount of a narrative from inside the an establishing. 27) A harm to a property staff member when you are property otherwise strengthening is erected is an enthusiastic omen out of misfortune that may feel neutralized because of the killing a beneficial pig or a white chicken and you will losing their bloodstream on morale. 28) A good balete forest is considered to be troubled and ought to not become reduce whenever strengthening a home or else this new morale commonly attack the construction experts and manager away from property. ^*^

Conception, Pregnancy and you may Beginning Superstitions

1) A good conceiving lady should simply be shown photo from stunning women and you may handsome men to provide delivery to a gorgeous little one. If she notices photographs of unattractive people, she might give birth so you can an unattractive hottie. Say in the event the a lady likes to consume pork a great deal, she might bring delivery so you’re able to a baby that appears such as for instance good pig or has actually a furry birthmark due to the fact body away from an effective pig. 2) In the event the pregnant woman hops more their own spouse, their particular early morning problems commonly move into their particular husband. 3) Whoever offers meals being drank from the a pregnant woman will suffer away from spells out-of drowsiness, faintness and you will vomiting. 4) Flowers often wither and you will woods have a tendency to bear sour fruits if the touched by the a young pregnant woman. [Source: felixfojas.word press , ^*^]

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