Indeed there, the guy deal Asa and you will possess protecting their unique

Even with Nayuta’s warning, Denji (because the Chainsaw Guy) saves Asa regarding the Losing Devil’s attack, informing the second to remain off their “prospective ex-girlfriend.” The guy tries to assist their manage their own bad thoughts and you may stress but unintentionally grosses their out together with love for sex. Asa informs him you to definitely zero woman wish to become having a guy that have good chainsaw protruding from his lead, resulting in Denji so you’re able to anxiety and you will end up in Heck. If Dropping Demon proposes to let your go in change getting leaving their, the guy requires a review of Asa’s ass and you will asks in the event the the guy normally at the least just take that back which have him, resulting in the Falling Devil to look down on your.

not, as he spotted to the development you to definitely she’d been eliminating multiple devils previously month, Denji indicated misunderstandings and you may irritation together with her involvement with new Chainsaw Guy Church. But not, Denji really does preserve his worry about their as he became horrified whenever Barem ideal you to definitely she will be killed in order to provide Chainsaw Man back, causing your to hightail it. Afterwards, Denji will get worried to have Asa’s defense immediately after hearing Nayuta’s potential preparations so you can subjugate humankind and so the a couple of all of them may lead a beneficial hedonistic lifetime. Nayuta knows which and you can inquires up on Asa’s advantages so you’re able to Denji, that the guy reacts the kiss he shared with “Asa” is actually the only real go out making out a lady try a great experience to own him. When Nayuta inquiries in the event that Denji likes their, the guy body gestures you to their attitude for their are very tall.

Aki Hayakawa

Aki and you may Denji first began because distrustful teammates, since the Aki highly hated Denji: the guy despised Denji to own their Demon nature along with his ambitious, crass identity. Aki perform openly condition to help you Denji which he had no qualms in the eliminating your if the guy turned useless. Therefore, Denji reciprocated Aki’s violence. Even if intense, they would still begrudgingly cooperate collectively, just like the each other were required to do so because of the Makima, and you can Aki recognized Denji’s energy given that a hack.

Over the years, however, their relationship carry out change: shortly after being forced to live with one another by the Makima and working together into the objectives, Aki and Denji much slower turned into romantic, and you can carry out in the course of time getting best friends. When confronted with tragedies and you can sadness, Denji and you may Aki comfortable both, for example whenever Denji provided Aki an apple immediately after Himeno’s passing, or when Aki comforted Denji over its terminated excursion having Makima.

Once getting new Firearm Fiend, through the his murderous rampage and you will struggle with Denji, Aki manage finish hallucinating, seeing what you just like the a good snowball fight with Denji. Tragically, Aki’s fascination with Denji became the new catalyst to possess his beat as a result of Denji: Aki avoided his murderous rampage immediately following hallucinating Denji sobbing for the snowball fight, ceasing their deluge regarding snowballs (and that, in truth, was in fact bullets) because it try initially he had ever before seen Denji shout. It pause are enough to create Denji to enter Aki’s muscles together with his chainsaws, killing your.

The fresh loss of Aki led Denji into the an intense spiral regarding despair and anxiety, that have Denji losing their have a tendency to to live on, unable to deal with the point that he had murdered their closest friend and surrogate elderly aunt. Denji’s anxiety create direct your to high conclusion, for example relinquishing their free commonly and you can subjugating himself so you’re able to Makima in order for he could escape the latest fantastically dull fact you to definitely Aki is dead because of the their hand.


Delivery just like the partners tasked from the Makima, Denji first seen Strength as the a pain in the neck, whilst the she attempted to fool around with your having her own gain. Power first betrays your, taking him just like the a swap-out-of to the Bat Demon to return her cat. Once she is rescued regarding the Bat Devil because of the Denji, she apologizes and you can begins to heat up so you’re able to your, giving your so you’re able to “ fondle their unique breasts “, as a way so you’re able to apologize. Despite a harsh start, its shared stupidity, apathy and you will hedonistic tendencies let the a couple of to help you quickly grow romantic, have a tendency to playing games and you may arguing occasionally anyone else manage see improper. hongrois femmes datant Denji expands brand new moniker ‘Powy’ for their own, whilst she makes reference to him just like the her ‘Buddy’.

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