How can i Deal with Being required to Wed Someone We Don’t Like?


I am 18 years old, and you can my mothers are pressuring me to get married back at my cousin out of another country. They are claiming it is good for the family and you can me personally. I have experimented with reason together, but they are maybe not paying attention. I’m sure people I would always wed, even so they never even wish to know which he or she is.


Thank you for the question. I sympathize with your pain and you may fight because you ought not to be forced on marrying anybody. You ought to make the ways to do what is actually proper, proceed with the sunna and also bravery. Allah could be to your benefit for folks who put your own intention proper.

Celebrating moms and dads

Basic, provide your parents the respect and consideration it have earned instead of declining point-empty. Allah, Extremely Large, said: “As well as your Lord possess decreed which you praise nothing however, Him and you getting dutiful into moms and dads. If a person otherwise both getting advancing years on the lives, state never to them a word of disrespect, nor shout on all of them, but address all of them when it comes to award. Minimizing unto all of them the brand new wing regarding distribution and you can humility compliment of compassion, and you may state, My personal Lord! Bestow on them The Mercy because they raised me personally while i try small. [Qur’an -24]


Do istikhara regarding the cousin and you will follow it truthfully. When it is bad, inform them your feelings. Getting totally reasonable, talk to your and think about it the real deal. And then make the decision and you will inform them so it merely wouldn’t works and you actually weighed they. Be polite, don’t get enraged, and continue maintaining value, but end up being enterprise and you may brave. Do not waver.

The guy You like

Simply because you like which almost every other people, this doesn’t mean that he’s Mr. Proper. Please stick to the Prophet’s information (Allah bless him and present your serenity), Kirghizstani filles les plus belles du monde step back and check out him fairly, perhaps not emotionally.

The latest Prophet (Allah bless him and present your comfort) said, and therefore applies to each gender, “A woman is actually partnered to have four one thing: to possess her money, for their unique origin, to have her beauty otherwise their unique piety. Select the pious, otherwise the hands could be shielded in soil!” [Bukhari & Muslim]


The great thing can help you are communicate openly and you may describe to them that you feel firmly about this match. They could come to deal with your when they purchase much time which have your. Arrange for these to see, will if necessary, to satisfy your better, as well as their adult intuition is enough observe what you see in your. Obviously, couple will be apply istikhara whilst.

Turn-to Allah

Consider their Lord from the at the same time having reading the brand new religion correctly and you will using it from the most practical way possible. Hope promptly, comprehend Quran each day, memorize certain, hope istikhara and work out dua during the last third of your nights to have clarity and you may guidance. Grab a course to the wedding around to arrange oneself.

Shield your own cardio, and don’t score emotionally connected to people guy if you do not marry together with your parents’ blessing. Be prepared to disappear out of this people if necessary. Submit to that which Allah encourages and then leave whatever Allah helps make hard, and come across comfort regarding decision, into the sha Allah.

Ustadha Shazia Ahmad stayed in Damascus, Syria for 2 decades in which she read aqida, fiqh, tajweed, tafsir, and you can Arabic. She after that attended the latest School out-of Colorado on Austin, in which she accomplished their particular Benefits in Arabic. Afterward, she gone to live in Amman, Michael jordan in which she learnt fiqh, Arabic, or other sciences. She later moved back again to Mississily.

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